IoT Platform

2lemetry is the only proven IoT platform that can interact with any system — offering you fully customizable solutions.

The 2lemetry platform is truly protocol and hardware agnostic, working seamlessly with any system — including your legacy systems. This remarkable flexibility makes the 2lemetry IoT platform one of a kind.

Our core technology acts as an IoT version of Enterprise Application Integration (EAI) middleware solutions, providing device connectivity at scale, cross-communication, data brokering and storage. We also help companies make sense of the captured data by offering actionable data intelligence through predictive computational models and a configurable rules engine.

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The 2lemetry ThingFabric IoT Platform

Watch this video to learn more about the 2lemetry IoT Platform and how it works.

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The 2lemetry IoT Platform – ThingFabricTM

Click to Enlarge Image2lemetry Internet of Things (IoT) Platform

The underlying and unique power of 2lemetry’s solutions is the ThingFabricTM platform:

  • Multipoint, multidimensional communication: ThingFabric manages communication between IoT devices, systems and people on a global scale.
  • Powerful data analysis: The platform is comprised of multiple layers of technology and powerful data analysis, including complex event processing, and a messaging and action layer.
  • Mission-critical insights: ThingFabric identifies mission-critical insights, brokers the data to the right location, and simultaneously stores the data.
  • Guaranteed data delivery: ThingFabric is one of the only systems that can guarantee data delivery, with QoS2 validation of send and receipt of data.

DevicesUse Any Device

2lemetry has no specific device manufacturer preference. Our device clients have a small footprint and are adaptable to existing hardware. Connect legacy devices alongside next generation devices in mixed hardware environments.

DynamicDynamic Environment

With 2lemetry’s ThingFabric Platform, there is no need for complex device configuration or database design. Nor is there need for a pre-defined data model or data-mapping requirements. With flexible architecture, 2lemetry adapts to your data structure.

Auto ProvisioningAuto-Provisioning

When new devices connect or new data parameters are set, our platform auto-provisions. Add new devices and sensors and send data without costly platform configurations – the data is immediately available in local business applications.

scalableHighly Scalable

ThingFabric is designed with scalability in mind. Connect one or one million devices because there is no minimum or maximum limit. And without sacrificing performance, our platform is capable of storing billions of records, even petabytes, per customer. Lastly, all data is stored in three different physical locations, ensuring there is not a single point of failure.

performanceAdvanced Performance

ThingFabric is capable of maintaining instant read/write times even when faced with today’s notion of “Big Data”. As data sets increase in size, we increase the number of nodes on the network so performance will never degrade.

dataData Storage

Our Platform can automatically store data indefinitely. Data from any point in time is accessible from anywhere. Our data store contains triple redundancy so there is no single point of failure, providing extreme fault tolerance.

Best in Class Security

Data security is top priority to every business, which is why 2lemetry maintains the highest security levels. We are ISO 270001 compliant, and our partners have completed an SAS70 Type II audit. We will continue to obtain appropriate certifications and accreditations to ensure your data and applications remain secure.

  • Physical Security: We have partnered with Amazon Web Services, the industry leader in designing, constructing, and operating large-scale data centers.
  • Secure Services: Each of the services within our Device Cloud Platform has been architected for security and has numerous capabilities that protect against unauthorized access and usage.
  • Data Privacy: All of our customer data is separated by unique keys and all connections to the Platform require SSL; no other methods are permitted.

lowcostLow Cost

Every solution and system is different, but we provide business solutions at a lower cost. Because ThingFabric accepts any protocol and supports any device, we have an extremely low cost-structure.

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