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4 Reasons to Choose an Open IoT Platform

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The iPhone 6 came out a few weeks ago and of course this raises the perpetual question surrounding events like this: Should I sign another 2-year contract for a discount and an upgrade?  Customers don’t like contracts because they don’t know where they’ll be in a few months’ or years’ time. Contracts are restricting because […]

Smarter Client Usage with Pooling

In the Pool

One attractive implementation of ThingFabric is the ability to enable end users of your web applications with real-time streaming services. Using a Javascript MQTT library like the Eclipse Paho.js client, each of your website visitors or authenticated users can receive new messages in real-time, or publish usage statistics back to your service. Based on your […]

ThingFabric Portal Tutorial


Looking for a simple starting point for your IoT solution? Our ThingFabric Portal has all the tools you need. Easy connectivity, configurable business logic, and comprehensive analytics; all with no programming experience necessary. Check out our new video series for an introduction to the ThingFabric Portal. You’ll see an explanation of the available features, as […]

Connecting Correctly in MQTT

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In my earlier blog, I discussed some of the pitfalls associated with making connections in MQTT. This blog will discuss connecting correctly. When making a MQTT connection, your client is not only connecting to the broker but also performing some amount of stateful configuration for the client’s subscriptions. The connection message contains the flag cleanSession, […]

Avoiding MQTT Pitfalls


There’s no doubt about it. MQTT is here to stay. Though it was developed for devices with highly intermittent connectivity, its simplicity, flexibility, and bi-directionality have driven its adoption in robust applications such as Facebook Messenger, home security systems, and fleet management software. However, you should be aware of several possible pitfalls when adopting MQTT […]

Connecting to ThingFabric with an Intel Galileo Board

What you’ll need: An Intel Galileo The Galileo/Ardunio IDE The MQTT Client Library Git (optional) A free ThingFabric account Step-by-step guide This Quick Start requires the Arduino Ethernet Library as well as the MQTT Client Library to be installed in your Galileo/Arduino library folder. A guide to installing libraries can be found here. If installing the library from the Git […]

Connecting to ThingFabric in PHP

What you’ll need: PHP PECL The Mosquitto PHP Extension A free ThingFabric account Git (optional) To install the Mosquitto PHP Extension, open a terminal and run the following command: $ pecl install Mosquitto-alpha Edit your php.ini file to include the following line – you can just add it to the bottom of the file: […]