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Streaming MQTT to MongoDB


We’ve been adding more integrations to our MQTT SQL engine over the past few months. One of the more exciting integrations is to MongoDB. We have a lot of customers using Mongo in their application stack,  but ThingFabric is handling the transmission of lower level protocols (like MQTT) to things that are consumable in their […]

Custom Widgets in the ThingFabric Portal


The ThingFabric Portal allows you to create custom widgets for visualizing data and interacting with the platform outside of the standard widget library we offer. Just as with standard widgets, custom widgets are grouped by Project Panels. This post will walk through what custom widgets are and how you might use them to your benefit. […]

Streaming MQTT to Redshift


We’ve been steadily announcing our deeper integrations with Amazon Web Services over the past few weeks. In this post, we’ll continue that topic by covering MQTT streaming into Amazon Redshift. Redshift is a super fast, fully managed warehouse solution. While, we store your sensor data already in our platform, we have a large number of […]

Sensor Data Loading for with AWS Lambda


One of the most powerful and important aspects of information technology is system integration.  Within that very broad space, there is a well-known industry term of ETL, which stands for “Extract, Transform, and Load”.  Any analyst or DBA is aware of the vital need for reliable tools that extract data from one system, transform that […]

Machine Learning with Amazon Lambda

AWS Lambda

Introduction You might have noticed that we at 2lemetry are pretty excited about Amazon’s newest AWS product Lambda. Several of our engineers experimented with how lambdas work together with the MQTT protocol and ThingFabric. I decided to work on a small experiment with real computations to see how neural networks can be used inside lambdas […]

Streaming SQL via MQTT


So many of you found out about us because of our multi-protocol MQTT-focused broker. I think this is great – we’ve gotten our broker to scale up to high levels which has helped keep our customers’ costs low. But a publish/subscribe message broker alone will provide only so much value. Eventually you’ll need to sprinkle some event […]

MQTT to DynamoDB


We announced our AWS Integrations last week which allow for bridging of low level protocols, like MQTT to higher level services like Kinesis, Redshift, DynamoDB and S3. We’ll start deconstructing these 1 by 1 and posting examples so you can experiment using your free ThingFabric account. In this post, I’m going to create a simple […]